Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tips For Lowering You Health Insurance Premiums

Health insurance policy is a type of insurance plan whereby the insurer pays his medical cost of insured if the in case the insured becomes ill due to covered reasons or due to any accidents. There is more.

Govt health insurance contractor

I am a retired military living in the Philippines. The govt contractor that processes claims for military health care overseas has routinely failed to abide by the regulations.

Commercial Insurance

Protecting your business is probably the most important thing that you will ever do, because it has taken years or dedication to build and endless sacrifice.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Insurance Law Counsel | Barker Gilmore LLC

Here is your chance to work with an industry leading insurance company’s Life Insurance and Annuities group. The sales of this company’s annuity products have been ranked first or second in the indu.

Car Insurance After Accident

Fraud Unraveled Midway. to the other car. What the officer would do was to change the date of the accident to the day after the insurance was .

Case Summaries: Unemployment insurance – sleeping on job

Circuit court correctly affirmed the denial of unemployment benefits to employee who was fired from her job as a certified nursing assistant for sleeping on the job because plaintiff knew that drowsiness was a side effect of taking ...

Animal insurance

Animals are often far more than just what the word implies. When an animal is brought into our homes they become loved and more often than not they come to play a vital role in the family. They even become a part of the family.